Why should I believe that this seminar will work for me?

Some of you may be feeling very excited about attending this seminar and this is just great!

However some of you may be more skeptical and that’s all right too. You may have given other help or guidances a chance and  not received the changed you hoped for and this may have left you feeling let down and disappointed . Or you may think that your problem is too complicated to be sorted out in a day’s seminar or that your situation is impossible to change.

However the truth is that achieving your goals in life has very little to do with the specifics of any particular situation you find yourself in.
It has more to do with decoding certain blocks that do not allow you to take the steps towards targets in your life.
For sure you need to stretch your comfort zone just a little bit in order to trust the process.


Will just a day’s work on myself be enough to make such a big impact on my life?
Yes it will make enough impact in your thought and emotional processes to be able to use this knowledge to begin to practically make serious changes in your life. Of course the top up workshops are also useful in getting a thorough understanding of the process and feedback on your progress.


What are the Workshops about?
The Workshops are meant to offer the opportunity to  the participants of the Seminar to have an in depth analysis of each of the 5 Moves as well as supervision on the practical progress the participants are achieving.


What methods of payment are there?
You can pay by cash or cheque *
Account number:
Or by visa
*please note that only cleared cheques will secure a place in the Seminar


Cancelation Policy
The enrollment to the seminar must be prepaid in order to secure a seat.
A request for cancelation and eligibility to 100% refund will be accepted up to 7 days prior of the date of the seminar. 3 days prior to the seminar the participant will be eligible to 50% refund in the personal payment.
If the cancelation occurs in the day of the seminar or during the seminar then there will be no refund.